The Versant testing system, based on the patented Ordinate® technology, uses a speech processing system that is specifically designed to analyze speech from native and non-native speakers of the language tested. In addition to recognizing words, the system also locates and evaluates relevant segments, syllables, and phrases in speech. The Versant testing system then uses statistical modeling techniques to assess the spoken performance.

Independent studies have shown that Versant tests are objective, and produce measures of score reliability which exceed those of many standard human-rated tests, including one-on-one oral proficiency interviews. Using criteria developed by expert linguists, the Versant testing system scores candidate responses to test items, which have been validated with reference to human judgments of proficiency, fluency, and pronunciation.

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"We needed a test that was extremely accurate but simple to deploy. We chose Pearson because it is the only company that could meet these high standards and expectations." - Petra Poelmans, PhD, Consultant with CINOP.