The Research and Development team works closely with international experts in the research of the technology and development of the Versant tests. The team conducts internal research as a part of ongoing validity studies and gathers substantial evidence for the validity, reliability, and practicality of its current products and at investigating new applications for Ordinate technology. It leverages the expertise of independent international experts to conduct validation studies. The team also responds to requests from independent researchers who conduct experiments in the field of linguistics and use Versant products as one of their measures. Research results are published in international journals. Listed below is some of the research conducted by the Research and Development team at Pearson.

Featured Research Papers and Presentations

*Formerly part of Harcourt Assessment, Ordinate has been combined with Pearson. PhonePass SET-10 is now the Versant English Test. The Spoken Spanish Test (SST) is now the Versant Spanish Test.