An Easy, Secure Way to Administer Testing

Administer Testing

Versant tests can be conveniently administered over the telephone or on a computer. Instructions for the test are spoken over the testing system in an examiner voice and are also printed on the test paper during telephone administration and on the computer screen during computer administration. Test items are presented in various native speaker voices that are distinct from the examiner voice.

Depending on your preference, Versant tests can be proctored at your site by your staff or test takers can access and complete the test from a remote location. We offer a password-protected web system that can be used to select tests and prepare the necessary instructions for administering the tests.

Telephone Testing

Telephone administration is supported by a test paper that includes general instructions and an introduction to the test procedures, plus instructions and information that are specific and unique to the test. Included in this unique information is the phone number to call, the Test Identification Number, the written instructions, item examples, and the printed sentences for the Reading section (if applicable). When the test taker calls into the Versant testing system, the system will ask the test taker to use the telephone keypad to enter the Test Identification Number on the test paper. This identification number keeps the test taker's information secure.

An examiner voice speaks all the instructions for the test. The spoken instructions for each section are also printed on the test paper to help ensure that test takers understand the instructions. Test takers directly answer the test questions in English into the phone going through all parts of the test until they complete the test and hang up.

Computer Testing

For computer administration, the computer must have an Internet connection and the Versant Computer Delivered Test (CDT) software which can be downloaded from the Versant website and easily installed. To use the computer version of a test, we will work with your technical team to complete a setup process of any testing computers and verify they meet the standards required for the test.

During the test administration, the testing system allows the test taker to adjust the headphone volume and, for speaking tests, calibrate the microphone before the test begins. The instructions for each section are spoken by an examiner voice and are also displayed on the computer screen. Test takers speak their responses into the microphone (for speaking tests) or type their responses on a keyboard (for writing tests) until they complete the test.