Guided by a Proven Test Development Process

With Pearson's experience in developing large-scale custom language tests, we bring a robust, field-ready test development process that will be used to guide your project to successful completion. Test development time varies from 5-6 months to 2 years, based on your requirements and project resourcing. Each test has unique requirements, but most tests typically go through the following development phases:

  1. Assess needs, define requirements
  2. Agree on specification for final test deliverables
  3. Locate language or other expert resources to participate in project
  4. Develop test's item pool
  5. Install preliminary version of test on the Versant system
  6. Collect field data from native speakers and non-native speakers
  7. Conduct Item Response Theory (IRT) analysis
  8. Prepare transcriptions
  9. Collect ratings from expert human evaluators
  10. Conduct field validation study
  11. Develop machine scoring
  12. Deploy final version of test on the Versant system
  13. Publish validation report and test documentation
  14. Put new test fully into production for customer

Find out how Pearson can help your organization

If your organization needs a custom language test, contact us to discuss your requirements and the options that the Knowledge Technologies group of Pearson may be able to provide for custom test services.