Excellent Customer Service Begins with Clear Communication

Your front-line personnel and customer service representatives are often the biggest part of your customers' experience with your organization. Without a positive experience, customers will go elsewhere. Because spoken and written communication skills are critical for agents to perform up to the standards demanded by customers, organizations need to quickly and objectively screen the candidates for customer interaction jobs.

Versant enables call center and BPO organizations to reduce interviewing costs and improve agent screening and training placement. Improve your talent programs with this accurate, reliable tool and drive positive business results.

Benefits of Using Versant in Call Centers/BPOs

  • Versant tests are cost-effective methods to measure English or Spanish skills. By implementing Versant testing, your organization can:
  • Streamline the recruiting and screening process and increase fill rates.
  • Identify agents with acceptable language levels quickly, fairly, and objectively.
  • Reduce hiring time and costs by interviewing only those candidates with sufficient language skills.
  • Assess language for training placement of hires and near-hires to focus training on the right candidates and right levels.
  • Ensure agents with management potential have the language proficiency to participate in leadership development and move up in the organization.
  • Deliver more objective, consistent assessments without the variability typical of multiple evaluators and administrations.
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