What Customers Say About Versant for Global Business

El Pollo Loco

Orders placed at fast food restaurants are frequently lost in translation between the customer and restaurant employee. Receiving incorrect food orders due to language barriers leads to frustrated customers and eventually results in customers taking their business elsewhere. After implementing the Versant English Test for its manager training program, El Pollo Loco has seen noticeably positive results. Managers are able to hire employees with better spoken English skills, enable all employees to communicate more clearly in English, and deliver a high-quality customer experience. Read more...

Korean World Cup Organizing Committee

The Korean Organizing Committee for the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan had only one week to test thousands of volunteers who lived throughout Korea. They needed quick results, but did not want to sacrifice accuracy for speed. To solve this issue, the Organizing Committee turned to Versant English Test. With Versant, the Korean World Cup Organizing Committee was able to administer 15,000 tests to their geographically dispersed volunteers within one week, and felt confident that the scores they received were completely objective and accurate. Read more...

Norwegian Cruise Line

Employees on the "front line" who interact with customers on a regular basis can play a powerful role in shaping a company's reputation in the minds of its customers. To ensure a positive customer experience, recruiting best-in-class staff is crucial for any company, in any industry. Norwegian Cruise Line implemented the Versant English Test to screen spoken language skills which enabled them to support their goals for superior customer satisfaction. Read more...

Canadian Foreign Service Institute

"Diplomats are often placed in situations where they need to react quickly in a foreign language. We take pride in knowing that our diplomats have excellent language skills. The Versant for Spanish test is currently being used as a quick and efficient way to assess ability in everyday spoken Spanish. We have had positive comments from users who appreciate the immediate feedback feature." - Claude Sylvie Alschuler, Deputy Director

Cold Stone Creamery

"At Cold Stone, part of our commitment to providing quality service is ensuring that our franchisees' spoken English abilities meet our rigorous standards. With Versant, we can easily test our potential franchisees on the spot and get reliable results almost instantly." - Adam Breen, Development Coordinator