Assess the language skills that are important for your successful business

Many companies and organizations use Versant tests because they help organizations to uphold language standards that have been proven to be critical to customer satisfaction and employee productivity. When English, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch or French skills are critical for success on the job, quickly and objectively screen candidates with Versant automated tests, administered in just minutes by telephone or computer. Improve your staffing and talent management processes with these accurate, reliable tests and drive positive business results.

Benefits of Using Versant in Global Business

  • The Versant tests of English, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch or French will help your organization:
  • Assess the use of everyday speaking and writing skills in business settings.
  • Screen more employees in less time, streamlining your recruiting or training processes and reducing assessment costs.
  • Deliver more objective, consistent assessments without the variability typical of multiple evaluators and administrations.
  • Enable the right language proficiency levels throughout your organization for success.

Versant tests for global business are often used for the following purposes:

  • Recruiting: Businesses use Versant tests to hire professionals who have to use English, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch or French in workplace environments, such as global companies, hotels, hospitals, call centers, international conventions and events.
  • Promotion: In case language proficiency is important for leadership development, organizations often test their employees who have management potential with Versant tests.
  • Overseas Assignments: Versant tests can be used to select the employees who can successfully complete overseas assignments where they need to use second language skills.
  • Language Training: Versant test scores can be used to correctly place employees in language training programs and/or measure their progress.