What Customers Say About Versant for Aviation

Emirates Airline

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) mandated that effective March 2011 pilots and air traffic controllers must demonstrate English communication skills that meet ICAO established criteria. Emirates Airlines needed an efficient and reliable solution to certify more than 1,150 pilots and air traffic controllers in time for the ICAO deadline. Read more...

Emirates Aviation College

"We are totally confident in the readiness of our pilots and air traffic controllers because the VAET was rigorously developed and is ICAO compliant, and the VAET assesses spoken English in voice-only situations just like what they have to do in the field. We never could have tested so many people so quickly without the Versant test because using live examiners would have taken too long and cost a great deal more." - Phillip Mullis, Head of Air Traffic Management


"English is the universal language for aviation. The Versant Aviation English Test assesses English proficiency accurately and reliably so airlines can be confident that their flight crews meet the ICAO standards for proficiency." - Capt. Mark Patterson, Training Center Manager - Eastern Hemisphere Jeppesen