Ensuring Air Safety with Clear Communication

Clear communication in English among pilots and air traffic controllers (ATC) ensures passengers' safety in the air and on the ground. For this reason, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) mandates acceptable English language levels for pilots and ATCs.

The Versant Aviation English Test enables airlines to comply with the English language proficiency requirements set by ICAO, while offering aviation employers a test that is practical to use. Help your pilots and air traffic controllers achieve ICAO compliance with this accurate, reliable testing solution.

The Versant Aviation English Test can be used as:

  • part of program to certify the ICAO language proficiency levels of pilots and air traffic controllers.
  • a tool to assess current English levels, identify those who need training or remedial instruction, and place them into the right training program.
  • an integrated practice test activity within an aviation English training program that is preparing pilots and ATCs for certification testing.
  • a dry run for those who will be certified through other tests or assessment programs, to warm up for certification and get an idea of how they might score against the ICAO language levels.

ICAO Checklist for Aviation English Testing

  • Test evaluates speaking and listening
  • Development team is qualified
  • Development process is validated
    • All tasks and items reviewed by independent experts
    • Test instructions reviewed by stakeholders
  • Test addresses aviation work-related topics
  • Test covers ICAO phraseology and plain or general English
  • Test assesses all 6 ICAO-specified language skills
  • Test is secure
  • Test is reliable, valid and practical
  • All sessions are recorded and stored securely
  • Sample and practice tests are available