Leverage the most reliable, practical English speaking and writing test for your programs

As people become more connected through technology and globalization, the importance of language training in academic institutions is growing - both for learning and for teaching. Universities and higher education institutions have a rising number of students seeking English as a second language (ESL) or English as a foreign language (EFL) programs.

Research shows that the skills universities and language schools most prize are speaking and writing. Ensure your English training program stands out on speaking and writing skills by adding a robust, efficient language assessment. Versant automated tests can be delivered by telephone or on a computer in class, at a learning lab, or remotely by students at their own place and time. Tests are automatically scored within minutes of completion, making it easy and cost-effective for schools to administer.

Use Versant Tests in Academic Institutions for:

  • ESL/EFL programs
    • Placement: Students can be correctly placed in the right level by evaluating them on an equal basis with objective unbiased criteria of Versant test scores.
    • Progress Monitoring: Versant test scores can be used to monitor the progress of students' English training.
    • Program Development: Using the sub-skill scores of Versant tests, program developers can identify ESL students' strengths and weaknesses accurately and develop customized instructions.
  • Teacher Certification programs
    • Recruiting: Versant test scores can be used to screen teachers in less time, streamlining your teacher certification processes and reducing assessment costs. 
    • Placement: Candidates can be placed in the right English program based on their Versant test score before they are qualified for teaching.