What Academic Institutions Customers Say About Versant

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University of Utah

Like many universities, the University of Utah frequently hires international graduate students to teach courses. However, before they are placed in a teaching role, these graduate students are required to be cleared by the ITA Program. After using the Versant test for more than six years, the University of Utah is "more than pleased with the reliability," and the program organizer no longer has to deal with complaints from the university's academic departments. Moreover, the university has expanded its use of the Versant English Test to testing oral English for certain programs. The chemistry department, for example, recently tested students before offering admission into their graduate programs.
"Versant saved me. Without it, we would still be trying to find a solution" - Diane Cotsonas, ITA Coordinator for University of Utah Read more...

University of Connecticut

"Versant has provided my ITA Program with a reliable, easy to administer and quickly scored test that students like and that allows us to spend more time on training and less on testing. Because the scores are reliable and available almost immediately we have been able to make our orientation week much more efficient in terms of providing appropriate training and placement for the students at different levels of proficiency. The test is reasonably priced and the ease of purchase, storage and use are phenomenal. This is technology at its best." - Dr. Catherine Ross, Teaching Assistant Programs Director and 2002-2003 TESOL ITA Interest Section Chair

California State University, Hayward

"We've found Versant to be useful for both placement and tracking progress of our international students. Versant is the first really practical and reliable way for schools and employers to measure oral skills on the spot. It is a major breakthrough." - Dr. John Driscoll, Director of the American Language Program

DIPF (Deutsches Institut für Internationale Pädagogische), Germany

"The DESI study will test students from all regions in Germany. Versant tests provide a unique opportunity to assess oral skills objectively, without expensive rating schemes, and in a very efficient way. Also, because the Versant Test Development team has conducted a study to relate Versant scores to the Council of Europe's Common European Framework of Languages, we can interpret the results in a meaningful way." - Dr. Eckhard Klieme, Director of the Educational Quality and Evaluation unit