Versant Writing Test


The Versant™ Writing Test is an English proficiency test which measures writing skills. It assesses the use of everyday written English in a workplace environment. The test takes ~35 minutes and looks at writing abilities in the areas of Grammar, Vocabulary, Organization, Voice & Tone, and Reading Comprehension. The test questions reflect many different workplace situations that require written English, including taking notes, summarizing, and responding to emails.

Tests are scored by advanced automated scoring systems including the Knowledge Analysis Technologies™ (KAT) engine which evaluates the meaning of text by examining whole written passages.

How the Test is Used

  • Screening customer service recruits - especially for call center positions
  • Assessing the communication skills of professional or teaching staff
  • Evaluating staff or overseas assignments or global project teams
  • Placing or measuring progress in training programs

Why Use Versant


  1. Accurate, objective, and reliable test scored by advanced computing and text processing technology to eliminate human and cultural bias.
  2. On-demand, easily administered test which can be taken anytime and at any place on a computer.
  3. Time saving test administration with a test that is ~35 minutes and automated scoring that is available online within minutes after the test is completed.