Versant Spanish Test
Purpose A high stakes test which can be used during the admission, recruiting or promotion process.
Test Content
Language tested Spanish
Duration of test 15 minutes
Number of questions 63
Sections included in the test Reading, Repeats, Opposites, Short Questions, Sentence Builds, Story Retelling, Open Questions
Legally defensible for high stakes certification Yes
Test Scoring
Score precision Precise numeric score (on 20 to 80 point scale)
Diagnostic sub-scores reported Sentence Mastery, Vocabulary, Fluency, Pronunciation
Score Explanation Detailed descriptions of capabilities across multiple dimensions
Detailed explanation of language capabilities Included
Score mapping to other language scales Available for CEFR, ACTFL OPI, ILR OPI
Benchmark Analysis Service to set a custom cut score Optional
Test-taker certificate Available
Test Security
Secure capture and storage of test-taker responses Yes
Anonymous test ID numbers to ensure data privacy Yes
Random test form to prevent cheating Yes
Test Delivery & Administration
Available languages for test instructions English, Spanish
Delivery over telephone Standard Access Service with toll dial-in to regional access points. Learn more...
Delivery over computer Can be installed on PCs that meet minimum system requirements in a secure testing location. Learn more...