Spoken Chinese Test

The Spoken Chinese Test evaluates a non-native Mandarin Chinese speaker's ability to understand and to communicate appropriately in Chinese on everyday topics. Developed in cooperation with Peking University, this test measures proficiency in learners from any non-native language background for placement, progress monitoring, and exit testing.

How the Test is Used

  • To evaluate students' spoken Chinese language skills
  • To appropriately place students into Chinese programs
  • To monitor progress of Chinese spoken language proficiency
  • To assess the language capability of Chinese bilingual employees
  • To certify Chinese bilingual teachers

Why Use this

1. Research-based and reliable for accurate, meaningful results.

  • The Chinese Test is built using criteria developed by expert linguists. The testing system, based on the patented OrdinateĀ® technology, has been extensively field trialed and validated with reference to the most qualified human evaluators of language proficiency, fluency, and pronunciation.


2. Objective, independent assessment for a more robust approach.

  • The testing system allows you to evaluate test takers on an equal basis with objective, unbiased scoring.   The Spoken Chinese Test was developed in conjunction with Peking University by a team of experts in Chinese linguistics using a proven, scientific development process.  The test underwent extensive research studies that demonstrate that the Spoken Chinese Test has strong reliability and validity, allowing you to feel confident you are using a fair and accurate test for your students or employees.


3. Streamlined administration and automated scoring save time.

  • You can easily administer the Spoken Chinese Test by having candidates take the test over the telephone or on a test center computer. The testing system automatically scores the test, providing a detailed score report available within minutes of being submitted. Score results are viewed in our online, password protected test administration site or found via versanttest.com in the score look-up section.


The Spoken Chinese Test was developed in collaboration with Peking University. Learn more about our partnership HERE

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