Versant Aviation English Test

The Versant™ Aviation English Test was created to help aviation employers meet the new requirements from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The test was developed under a co-operative research and development agreement with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and is compliant with the standards specified by ICAO.

How the Test is Used

  • The Versant Aviation English Test can be used in all steps leading to ICAO compliance:
  • Certification: To certify the ICAO language proficiency levels of pilots and air traffic controllers.
  • Training Program: To assess current English levels of pilots, air traffic controllers, or trainees, identify those who need training or remedial instruction, and place them into the right training program.
  • Practice Test: To use as an integrated practice activity within an aviation English training program that prepares pilots and ATCs for certification testing.

1. Relevant to aviation, compliant with ICAO standards.

  • The Versant Aviation English Test complies with the standards and requirements ICAO has established for English language testing. The test assesses both aviation English and general English as specified by ICAO, in an authentic manner that simulates the radiotelephony communication used on the job by pilots and ATCs.


2. Robust and reliable for accurate, meaningful results.

  • The Versant Aviation English Test was built in conjunction with the FAA by a cross-disciplined team of experts in aviation, test development, linguistics and psychometrics, using a proven, scientific development process. The test underwent extensive field trials that demonstrate the Versant Aviation English Test has strong validity and reliability, allowing you to feel confident you are using a fair and accurate test for your pilots or air traffic controllers.


3. Streamlined administration and automated scoring save time.

  • Your staff can easily administer the Versant tests by having employees take the test over the telephone or on a test center computer in a secure, proctored location. The Versant testing system automatically scores the Versant Aviation English Test, making a detailed score report available for you in the reporting system within minutes of being submitted.