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Ordinate Corp. and CINOP Complete Automated Test of Spoken Dutch

Ordinate and CINOP Complete Automated Test of Spoken Dutch for Netherlands Immigration

Dutch Government to Require Test for New Immigrants

Ordinate Corp., the leading provider of automated spoken language assessments, and CINOP (Centrum voor Innovatie van Opleidingen/Dutch Institute for Innovation of Education and Training), announced today that they have successfully developed a completely automated test for spoken Dutch.

The new Dutch oral interaction test takes approximately 11 minutes to administer by telephone and is automatically scored by computer within a few minutes.

The Dutch test was developed jointly by Ordinate and CINOP, which also distributes Ordinate's fully automated Spoken English Tests (SET tests) in the Netherlands.

The companies built the new test by combining CINOP's Dutch language expertise with Ordinate's patented speech recognition technology and its experience in building automated spoken language tests.

As part of a new immigration policy, the Dutch government announced last November that it will require people establishing residence in the Netherlands to demonstrate proficiency in Dutch ("Het Inburgeringsexamen Nederlandse Taal"). Ordinate's and CINOP's new Dutch test will support that policy and will be administered in the Netherlands and at Dutch diplomatic posts around the world.

"We are proud to provide this important service to the Dutch government," commented Jared Bernstein, president of Ordinate Corp. "The new Dutch language test is carefully standardized and assures that the Dutch government can administer a fair assessment virtually anywhere in the world."

"The creation of the Dutch language test is a huge achievement," said Jos Claessen, chief executive officer for CINOP. "As a result of the joint effort between CINOP and Ordinate, we can now quickly and efficiently help the government ensure that new immigrants to the Netherlands can communicate to some extent in Dutch."

The Dutch language test will be the first automatic spoken language test used as part of a national immigration policy, and Ordinate expects to develop similar tests for other countries. "We see the Dutch test as a model for other countries to follow," Bernstein said.

Dutch is the third language in Ordinate's growing portfolio of automated speaking tests, joining Spanish and English.


CINOP is a center for research, development and consultancy in innovations in vocational education, adult education and company training. The organization is a leading service provider for innovation and quality improvement in the field of learning and training.

CINOP is specialized in language and naturalization programs and programs in basic skills for newcomers in the Netherlands. For more information on CINOP, please visit their Web site at www.cinop.nl.

About Ordinate Corp. and Harcourt Assessment, Inc.

Ordinate Corp., a subsidiary of Harcourt Assessment, Inc., was founded in 1996 to develop advanced language testing systems based on new techniques that use speech recognition to score spoken language proficiency. Ordinate combines recognition of spoken utterances with analysis of the manner of speaking to determine language proficiency and other speaker characteristics. Ordinate's augmented speech analysis technology sets a new standard in language testing for speed, accuracy, cost and convenience.

Harcourt Assessment is a leading provider of high-quality assessment instruments and testing programs used by educators, psychologists, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists and businesses. The company is affiliated with the Harcourt book publishing companies, and together they form the global education brand of Reed Elsevier Group plc (NYSE: RUK and ENL) -- a world-leading publisher and information provider operating in the science and medical, legal, education and business-to-business industry sectors.

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