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Announcing Versant 4 Skills Essential

Announcing Versant 4 Skills Essential Test

To compete effectively in the global economy, businesses everywhere need employees with excellent English communication skills. More businesses across myriad industries communicate online and by phone. And with it, the expectation for good English communication skills is greater than ever. It is no longer enough that a job candidate can speak English well; they must also be able to read, write, and comprehend English to be successful in even entry-level jobs. Without this, on-boarding is slower and productivity is limited.

The emergence of multi-channel communication via phone, email and chat, means that employees with poor English language skills can result in negative experiences for customers, business partners, and colleagues.

Pearson has developed the Versant™ 4 Skills Essential Test to help organizations easily and quickly identify qualified job applicants who have the right level of English language skills to succeed in today’s business environment.

Fast and Accurate Testing of All 4 Communications Skills

This web-based test will ensure that your employees are

ready for multi-channel communication 

  • Measures proficiency in all four skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking
  • Takes only 30 minutes
  • Flexible web-based test
  • Bullet-proof automatic scoring

Click here to learn more about Versant 4 Skills Essential

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